ViVaLaSalsa – What’s in the name?

Viva translated means long life, goodwill and well being, this is the essence of the environment and dance that you will enjoy when you embrace the energy of ViVaLaSalsa!

ViVaLaSalsa KiZomBa!

is a place for you even if you are just a beginner; you can learn the basic foundation of these dances in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that is fun, vibrant and exciting. Remember, you don’t have to be apprehensive, we all started with two left feet!!.

For the more experienced dancer, ViVaLaSalsa KiZomBa! offers a platform to enhance and tailor your dancing skills to the next level. You will not only have your world renowned resident instructor's from team ViVvaLaSalsa KiZomBa!, who will be there to make you feel special, you will also enjoy the benefit of other international instructors from time to time.

ViVaLaSalsa KiZomBa! What’s it all about?

ViVaLaSalsa! has an ambience that will offer the avid salsa dancer the experience to dance to their fulfilment in a lively, energetic atmosphere, yet relaxed. For those who take a more reclined view to salsa, you will be entertained by the finest salsa tones, alternatively you can experience an a la carte menu or simple nibble from a finger buffet at the bar. The choice is yours, either way you will be truly entertained with ViVaLaSalsa!

Benefits of Salsa or kizomba

• Salsa is one of the most exhilarating fun filled exercise that one can experience because it leaves you with a sense of fulfilment and achievement.

• A wonderful work/life balance can be achieved through the release of energy and rhythmic concentration that is intrinsic to the salsa atmosphere, which will lower stress levels and enhance a generally healthy life style.

Kizomba is a new dance to Europe that hales from Angola with its roots in Zouk, its a dance that brings you close to your partner with music that will intoxcicate and bring you to a place of calm, its has caught on world wide.

• This is a great way to meet new people and social network with different cultures, backgrounds and interests coming together in a common groove.

Brief History of Kizomba Music & Dance

Kizomba is a style of music originating from Zouk. Kizomba music is very strong in the most of “Palops” (The Portuguese speaking African Countries are a group of five African countries where the Portuguese language is the official language: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. These countries form part of the Community of Portuguese Language countries. In Portuguese the group is commonly referred to by the acronym PALOP, a colloquial acronym which means African Countries of Portuguese Official Language (Portuguese: ''Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa), also translated as "Portuguese-Speaking African Countries".) It is a fusion of zouk with there traditional music.

It is said to have been born during the 50s/70s in Luanda – Angola (Africa), after the influence of Caribbean Zouk, Tango, Meringue mixed with Africa own rhythms Semba, Maringa, and Kabetula.

In its essence, and before all those influences, the style was once known as "Umbigada" or "Lumdum" (a dance in witch the 2 dancers Belly button touches each other) a 15th century Portuguese royalty dance, danced in pairs very popular in its colonies, forbidden by the Church for being considered an erotic dance, its starts very slowly and it ends with a fast hot turmoil!!

What to wear

It is recommended not to wear synthetic material; wearing clothing made from natural materials such as cotton will allow your skin to breathe.

Light weight, short sleeved cotton shirts are recommended for men.

Leather soled shoes, preferable not trainers. Medium heeled shoes, ideally maximum 2.5 inches, with support around the ankle for ladies.

what is the dance kizomba?

Kizomba is a passionate and romantic rhythm originating from the French-Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti, Africa and more...
It’s an elegant and exciting partner dance, and it is hugely popular in France, French-speaking Africa, Brazil, French Polynesia and others!

means "Party" or "Fiesta" in creole and we bring you an authentic taste of the French Caribbean right here in London... and Complete with the hottest kizomba dance Music.
So if you know how to dance or would like to learn, Semba and Kizomba don't miss out, come to Monday KiZomBa at Welch Harp, see how you can do it too!
If you like music and dance, than you will love & enjoy it.
If you are among those who don't know anything about Kizomba, Semba don’t be shy come and try something fresh and exciting and be seduced by the smooth sounds of our dj’s.

the concept

Kizomba the dance has musroomed in the UK over the last nine years and indeed around the world. Many “variation” of style have evolved over the years with what is a beautiful dance
So we are dispersing “the way” with this concept!
We are giving you one of the leading kizomba teachers in the UK.
No one teacher has the gold medal (excuse the pun) on kizomba, so from right across the spectrum we have the leading lights of the dance every Monday.
We believe when you learn from a teacher has good
as he or she will be, you will subconsciously try to emulate that teacher.

Now with this approach you are now the focus subconsciously/ consciously that will allow you a more rounded fuller development of you/your style to bring to the dance floor with confidence. This technique is proving to be hit from student has each teacher shows and explain the background and foundation (Basic) of kizomba all these experience teachers have the knowledge and experience but deliver it in their own unique fashion which is always fun and enlightening to our students


"...I've learnt something new

...and i thought I had 2 left feet "